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Products in: Household Light Bulbs

Any light bulb you need - We've got it!

From kitchen under counter and appliance bulbs to regular light bulbs. We also have the new Halogen bulb in stock. Unlike CFL bulbs, The halogen bulb lights up immediately and is energy saving, lasting five times longer than normal incandescent bulbs. 

Philips softone bayonet

Philips Softone Bulbs

Only: € 6.09

Ecopal Umbrella BC

Ecopal Umbrella 20W

Only: € 7.38

Night Light

LED Night Light

Only: € 8.44

Oven Bulb

Oven Bulb

Only: € 3.69

Cooker Hood Bulb

Cooker Hood Bulb

Only: € 3.69

Ecopal GU10 LED colour

Ecopal LED Colour

Only: € 20.97

Ecopal R50 11W

Ecopal R50 11 Watt

Only: € 8.57

Ecopal R63 11W

Energetic R63 6.5W ES

Only: € 13.78

Ecopal R80 15W

Ecopal R80 15W CFL

Only: € 6.86

aurora 6w

Aurora GU10 Downlight 6W

Only: € 25.26


Showing 1 to 16 of 40 results.

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